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 Important Cities

ities and urban centres in Qatar cover the country's landscape from south to north. Since nearly all urban centres embrace the sea, sea heritage is still indelibly imprinted on them, despite the profound changes that have almost transformed every aspect of life in the country.


Doha, capital of Qatar,  the seat of government and the main commercial and financial institutions, is situated halfway along the east coast of the Qatar peninsula.

Doha  has a large commercial seaport and an international airport which link the country to the rest of the world. About 80% of Qatar's population live in Doha.

Modern life facilities such as public gardens and parks, luxurious hotels and shopping centers make a short visit to the city an unforgettable experience.

Cultural life in Doha has undergone a notable boost in the last few years.
Doha Cultural Festival, Qatar Summer Wonders and Doha Book Fair, to name just a few cultural events, are regionally recgonized as annual events. Qatar Masters and other international sports events are being hosted on a regular basis in Doha as well.  

Several public libraries have flourished in recent years in addition to the  
Qatar National Library.

Among Doha's outstanding landmarks are the
Qatar National Museum, the Corniche as well as the popular Souqs which still maintain with their old traditional features.

Doha's largest suburbs are Khalifa Town and Al Rayyan. The latter has a population of 100,000 people. It is distinguished by its old palaces with Arabesque and unique architectural designs. 

Mesaieed, the major industrial city in the county, whose existence has been associated with the discovery of oil, lies approximately 45 km south of Doha on the east coast.

The city accommodates many large industries such as NODCO's Oil Refinery, QAFCO's Fertiliser Complex, QAPCO's Petrochemical Complex, QGPC's NGL Plant, QASCO's Steel Mill, QALCO's Lubricating Oils Facility, and the QAFAC Plant. Mesaieed has a  fully serviced deep-water harbour which is the main terminal for oil and LNG exportation.

The various industries in Messaieed have developed recreation clubs for their employees and families. The nearby Messaieed Golf Club, with its oil-on-sand course was among the first in the country.


Sealine Beach Resort

Mesaieed borders an area of spectacular natural beauty, Khor Al Udeid, and is surrounded by crescent-shaped barchan sand dunes. Sealine Beach Resort lies between Messaieed and Khor Al Udeid on a magnificent stretch of coastline.


This booming town is located half way between the capital and Mesaieed, about 15 km south of Doha. It contains several traditional houses and mosques which reflect traditional architecture. Its local museum includes antique and enviormental artifacts. Al-Wakrah has also a harbor for fishing boats.


Al-Zubara is one of the most important historical towns. Located about 105 km to the north of Doha, it houses the historical Al-Zubara fort.
Al-Zubara is a "must" for tourists visting Qatar.

Al-Thani family had settled down in Al-Zubara at the beginning of 18th century before moving to Doha in mid 19th century.  

Ras Laffan

The second largest industrial center in the country. Ras Laffan is the purpose-built industrial harbour for gas exportation and gas liquefaction. It is located 85 km to the north of Doha; it is considered one of the biggest industrial cities worldwide.

Madinat Ash-Shamal

A modern town functioning as an administrative center for a number of coastal villages in the northern part of the country. It is 107 km away from Doha.


Al khor's antique to

A former pearling port, Al Khor (meaning harbour in Arabic) is a coastal town located 57 km to the north of Doha. It is famous for its fine beaches, mosques and old tower.

It has a local museum that houses its valuable historical artifacts and makes Al-khor a tourist attraction.


Located on the west coast about 85 km away to the north of  Doha; it has come a long way following the discovery of oil in the surrounding fields. Dukhan has a beautiful beach which attracts locals and guests.

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